fredag 18. mars 2016

Last ned kunst fra verdens største og beste museer - lovlig og gratis

Å ha tilgang på kunst er noe enhver lærer vil trenge. Du trenger det i norsk, historie, i kunst og håndverk, men også i andre fag og prosjekter.

Nettstedet Open Culture er i så måte en gullgruve. De publisere ofte fra ulike museer og gallerier over hele verden, der kunstverkene ligger klare til nedlasting. 

Museene har selvsagt kategorisert kunstnerne og kunstverkene slik at det blir lett å finne fram til akkurat det bildet, eller den kunstneren du er på jakt etter.

Her er en liste over museer og gallerier som har åpnet opp hvelvet og gitt oss fri tilgang til kunst fra alle tider:

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Puts Online 65,000 Works of Modern Art

Early 20th century modernism often seems to come out of nowhere, especially when our exposure to it comes in the form of a survey of singular great works. Each sculpture, film, or painting can seem sui generis, as though left by an alien civilization for us to find and admire.

Download 100,000 Free Art Images in High-Resolution from The Getty
The Getty’s digital public-domain archive of high-resolution images has nearly hit the 100,000 mark (99,989, to be exact) - which sounds to us like just the time to keep you posted on what you can find therein.

40,000 Artworks from 250 Museums, Now Viewable for Free at the Redesigned Google Art Project
The collections newly added to Google Art Project come from institutions as far- and wide-ranging as Kuwait’s al Sabah Collection, Japan’s Kawabara Memorial DIC Museum of Art, Denmark’s Statens Museum for Kunst, and Australia’s Art Gallery of New South Wales. At the top, we have an image of Sunkwan Kwon’s “A Man in Stripe Shirt Who is Dropping His Head for a Long Time After Phone Call,” made available in the Korean Art Museum Association collection. But don’t look at the image in this post; look at the piece’s entry in Google Art Project, which lets you scroll and zoom as you please. And you will want to zoom, since Kwon’s very large-format photography demands close attention to detail. At such a high resolution, you can pay that attention, looking right into the windows and observing the people behind them. Viewers, as the work’s description says, “should keep having tenacious questions that ask who the characters are, why they show tense expressions on their face and what their situations are.”

LA County Museum Makes 20,000 Artistic Images Available for Free Download
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art houses the largest American collection of art west of Chicago. Developed as an “encyclopedic” museum—its collections represent nearly every human civilization since recorded time - LACMA’s eclectic holdings span from art of the ancient world to video installations. Like all great public collections, LACMA sees its mission as providing the greatest possible access to the widest range of art.

The Rijksmuseum Puts 125,000 Dutch Masterpieces Online, and Lets You Remix Its Art
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the grand European museums. Home to many of the Dutch masters (Rembrandt’s Night Watch, which seems to glow from its center, and Vermeer’s Milkmaid, to name just a few), the museum is located on the city’s Museumplein, surrounded by the smaller Vincent Van Gogh museum and modern Stedelijk.

Download 30,000 Images from The Museum of New Zealand (All in High Resolution)

Now comes another 30,000 images from the Museum of New Zealand. On their blog, they write: “Today we are extremely happy to let you know about our latest development; over 30,000 images downloadable, for free, in the highest resolution we have them.” “Over 14,000 images are available under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND,” (which means you can make non-commercial use of these images, so long as you give attribution to the artist.) “But even better are the 17,000 images that are downloadable for any use, any use at all. These images have no known copyright restrictions.”

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  1. 1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class Museums: A Meta List of Great Art Available Online

    Art Images from Museums & Libraries

    Google Art Project (250,000 images)
    L.A. County Museum (20,000)
    New York Public Library-Historic Maps (20,000)
    Norway National Museum (30,000)
    SFMoMA Rauschenberg Collection
    Stanford University’s Cantor Art Center (45,000)
    Stanford University’s French Revolution Collection (14,000)
    The British Library (100,000)
    The British Museum (4,200)
    The Getty (100,000)
    The Guggenheim (1,600)
    The Met (400,000)
    The Morgan Library Rembrandt Sketches (300)
    The Museum of Modern Art/MoMA (65,000)
    The Museum of New Zealand (30,000)
    The National Gallery (35,000)
    The New York Public Library: Photos, Maps, Letters (180,000)
    The Rijksmuseum (210,00)
    The Smithsonian (40,000)
    The Tate (70,000)
    The Whitney (21,000)
    The Van Gogh Museum (3500)
    Yale’s Great Depression Photo Collection (170,000)
    Vermeer (36)


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