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Søkemotorer som finner Open Educational Resources (OER)

Jakten på å finne gode opplegg på nett kan være lang og vanskelig. Og det kan være vrient å google seg fram til gode nettsteder. Men heldigvis finnes det snarveier. Her er en liste med søkemotorer som baserer seg på Open Educational Resources (OER), altså nettsteder med opplegg som er frigitt og åpne for alle.

Anbefaler også Eduopias side med Open Educational Resources (OER), en stor guide til åpne pedagogiske ressurser.

Her er lista over søkemotorene:

Free learning and teaching resources, created and contributed by teaching staff from UK Further and Higher Education Institutions.

Search, recommend, collaborate, remix.

OER Commons is a dynamic digital library and network. Explore open education resources and join our network of educators dedicated to curriculum improvement.

A knowledge hub that eases a public and multilingual catalog of Open Educational Resources (OER) which aims to support the education community to find those resources and materials that meet their needs for teaching and learning through a specialized and collaborative search system and social tools.

University Learning = OCW+OER = Free
A meta-search engine incorporating many different OER repositories (uses Google Custom Search).

A JISC funded rapid innovation project (summer 2009) to explore the potential of delivering and supporting a distributed repository of e-learning resources created and seamlessly published through the open source e-learning development tool called Xerte Online Toolkits. The aim of XPERT is to progress the vision of a distributed architecture of e-learning resources for sharing and re-use.

OER Dynamic Search Engine
A wiki page of OER sites with accompanied search engine (powered by Google Custom Search).

Maintain guidance on finding video, audio and images online, including those licensed as Creative Commons.

Og her er noen flere nettsteder som også tilbyr et rikt utvalg av åpne ressurser:

Historical Texts
One platform, over 350,000 late 15th to 19th century texts.

Jisc Journal Archives, which is part of the Jisc eCollections service, makes it easy to cross-search over 600 journals and 4 million articles in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, medicine, law and engineering with one simple tool.

Providing access to a wide range of digital image, video and audio collections for educational and research use.

Providing advice, guidance and training on the effective creation, delivery, storage and use of digital media to support teaching, learning and research activities in colleges and universities.

Open Culture
Your guide to free educational media. Find thousands of free online courses, audio books, textbooks, eBooks, language lessons, movies and more.

100 Best Poems
Top 100 famous and best poems of all time about life, love and friendship. Read the 100 most popular and greatest poems and limericks ever written in english poetry by famous poets all over the world.

Open Ed
Assessment to Instruction: With the world's largest K-12 resource library. The right assessments, videos, and homework for each standard and each student.

8 awesome science resources that you can access for free online
So we've come up with a list of great, free online repositories that offer everything from historical documents by your favourite scientist to beautiful sci-fi posters to put on your wall.

Guggenheim Online Collection
Featuring nearly 1700 artworks by more than 575 artists, the Collection Online presents a searchable database of selected artworks from the Guggenheim’s permanent collection of over 7,000 artworks. The selected works reflect the breadth, diversity, and tenor of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s extensive holdings from the late 19th century through the present day, and are continually expanded to include a larger representation of the museum’s core holdings as well as recent acquisitions.

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  1. OER Commons The digital library collects and organizes 50,000 resources and allows users to search by subject, education level, or standard.

    LearnZillion This private company hires a “dream team” of 1,000 teachers to create open content. Teachers can access the cloud-based curricula for free, while districts can opt for a pay model to get more features.

    CK-12 FOUNDATION The nonprofit offers free access to roughly 5,000 online materials and allows schools to create “flexbooks,” collections of resources that can be shared.

    Project Gutenberg This longtime site offers 50,000 e-books.

    Knovation The company behind netTrekker and icurio offers professionally evaluated, standards-aligned online resources. Knovation is used in both Houston and Mooresville, North Carolina, two of the districts leading the digital transformation.

    Amazon Inspire As part of the DOE’s #GoOpen initiative, this free platform will host already created OER materials, using all the power of Amazon’s famed recommendation engine. Users will be able to search, rate, review, and follow favorite authors.

    OpenEd This popular nonprofit claims to be the biggest OER library, boasting more than a million resources, ranging from lesson plans to homework assignments and assessments. More than 1,000 teachers sign up on the site every day.

    OpenStax College Rice ­University’s nonprofit develops free textbooks. K–12 schools can access these texts to teach AP classes.

    MIT’s OpenCourseWare The Web-based publication of all of MIT’s content is an early example of OER.

    EngageNY Written by teachers and vetted by authors of the Common Core State Standards, it offers full PreK–12 curricula in math, ELA, and science.

  2. Les mer om Open Educational Resources her:
    What are Open Educational Resources


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